Carlota Dobaño, researcher of malaria immunology


Malaria is a fatal disease, especially in Subsaharan African, while approximately half of the world population lives at risk of contracting it. In the research aiming to eliminate this disease Carlota Dobaño as Associate Research Professor plays an important role as head of the Malaria Immunology Group at ISGlobal (Institute for Global Health) in Barcelona, where teams study infectious diseases as well as non-communicable diseases and environment.††

One of Carlota’s main research projects is trying to understand how the most advanced malaria vaccine works, as the mode of action is still not known. It has been established that after vaccination some individuals are protected and others not; nor is it clear what causes this different response and why the vaccine is effective during a short period only.

Carlota coordinates large multicenter studies that study naturally acquired and experimentally immunity malaria at ISGlobal, combining this with her research work at the Manhiça Health Research Centre, Mozambique.

Her interest for infectious deseases and malaria in particular has guided her through her studies at the Universitat de Barcelona and also when she completed her MSc in London and obtained her PhD degree in Scotland. In Blantyre, Malawi she conducted research work at the Malaria Project and Wellcome Trust Centre.

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