Design Museum, Barcelona

Featuring in ‘Elisava‘ and ‘Haute couture, made in Catalonia‘.

This ‘Museu del Disseny‘ is dedicated to decorative arts and design in all kinds of fields. (graphic, industrial, textile, space, fashion and services). The collections comprise product design, fashion, graphic arts and graphic design, decorative arts, textile arts and historic clothing in which you can find the banner with the text ‘Elisava me fecit’.
The extensive online collection is worth a visit, especially when travelling to Barcelona is not on the agenda. For example, the pages of fashion photography boast more than 500 photos and each of them are worth more than one quick look.
The temporary exhibitons are a good complement of the permanent ones and concentrate on certain subjects, such as advertising and visual communication. Guided tours and a range of activities enable you to delve deeper into one of the themes. For the children workshops are organized in which they can really design or create objects.
The museum also has a documentation centre where professionals and researches can find information and documentation in books, journals and other materials for study, research, creation, etc.
For now, visit the blog that keeps you informed about the latest acquisitions and planned exhibitions and activities.
Address: Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38

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