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Throughout the centuries Catalan women have made a mark on history, played a significant part in the society of their time, were aces in their trade or had a considerable influence in politics or other spheres. Unfortunately, little is known about them nowadays.

This blog wants to honor those women by painting their portraits in words and illustrations. They have very interesting stories to tell and through them we learn about the culture and history of a region that has known an eventful past, Catalonia (Spain).

I have been a Catalanophile since the 70s and have been studying the language and culture of Catalonia ever since. In those years I have come across a lot of unusual and fascinating women to whom very few history books were dedicated. Luckily things are changing now, so that more sources become available. Nowadays women are active in many fields; I plan to follow them closely and inform you about the latest developments.

What to find on this blog
Although there is a lot of information available on the Internet and on paper, it is widely spread, often only in Catalan, and has to be collected, studied and transformed into readable content. This is a new journey for me too, so I hope you want to join me in my search for data on these surprising women.

On the home page I will publish short pieces about women from various centuries and with all kinds of activities. Some articles contain a longer story that you can also find on separate pages clicking on ‘Portraits’ in the header. Other posts are interesting pieces of information that I unearth, for example a photo, an audio or video fragment or a quote. At the same time I try to keep you updated about exhibitions, films, festivals, etc. featuring women that you might find interesting.

For readers that travel to Catalonia I have created a page ‘Places of Interest‘, where you can find buildings, statues or sites in general connected with one of the women. Via a link you can read the relevant article providing you with more information about their lives.

As exhibitions mostly can be visited without the hindrance of the language barrier, I have included a calendar featuring exhibitions with a focus on women; it is daily updated.

NOTE: For obvious reasons information about cultural events are scarce at the moment, although I can sometimes post a link so you can visit interesting virtual events and exhibitions from home.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Do not hesitate to contact me and surprise me with your comments and/or suggestions. You can send me an email via mdemmers[at]uoc.edu.

The presentation of the bilingual anthology of poetry written by women ‘Rebellie/Rebel·lió, October 2012. From left to right: Dolors Miquel and Mireia Calafell, two incredible Catalan poets, and me, the proud editor and translator.

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