Nurse turned into war correspondent

‘Peoples who are called civilised use their admirable science and long years of persevering studies to look for barbarian and efficient procedures to destroy other peoples, because these have (…) more extensive industrial markets (…)’

When voluntary Red Cross nurse Àngela Graupera went to work in Serbia and Greece and there witnessed the horrors of WWI, she felt compelled to describe her experiences and send her chronicles (104) to the Barcelona newspaper Las Noticias: analytic with pondered criticism using precise prose with a visual impact.

The above quotation is from her book El gran crimen. Lo que yo he visto en la guerra (The Great Crime. What I saw during the war) (1935).

This portrait of Àngela is a drawing by Robert Pérez after a photograph, the only known image.

On the occasion of International Nurses Day 2021 (12 May).

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