Museu de les Trementinaires

Today, 18 May, we celebrate International Museum Day, so we put the spotlight on the Museu de les Trementinaires in Tuixent, municipality of Josa i Tuixén, at the foot of the mountain range of the Serra del Cadí.

A charming museum that tells the story of women of this mountainous area who from mid-19C onwards gathered remedial herbs and essential oils, prepared and sold them among farms and villages in Catalonia walking hundreds of miles for months once or twice a year.

During the visit to this museum you will learn who the trementinaires were, what herbs and remedies they were marketing and how they organized their routes from the valley of La Vansa and Tuixent to the plains of the interior and the coast of Catalonia. Sofia Ossera was the one who made the last trip as trementinaire in 1982.

In the nearby Botanical Garden you can see and get to know the main features and uses of the plants they handled.

The woman of the photo is Maria Majoral who started working as a trementinaire in 1889 and kept going until 1956.

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