Sculpture Award for Stella Rahola

CO(NH2)2 by Stella Rahola (Photo: Fundació Vila Casas)

The Sculpture Award, granted by the Fundació Vila Casas, has just been awarded to Stella Rahola for her creation called CO(NH2)2. This work is composed of glass elements similar to those used for the production of chemical laboratory components, like borosilicate glass remnants, fertilizer crystals, stainless steel and 9 fluorescent tubes.

The sculpture, which is one and a half meter high and long, for 65 centimeters wide, invites questions about the production and knowledge of manual work, but also about the reuse and useful life of objects.

The second prize has gone to Anna III for her Desaparèixer cap endins (Disappearing inwards), in which she reflects upon vulnerability and loss.

The women of Cinta Sabaté

‘They are vigorous women. I think we cannot do without women’s strength. (…) I want to prove that for many years it has not been made good use of.’

Sculptor and painter Cinta Sabaté was born in Tortosa, Cultural Capital of Catalonia 2021.

You can find more of her work in the catalogue of her exposition titled ‘Mystery of form. Pure line. The silent trajectory of Cinta Sabaté’.

Quotation from, 25 June 2015.

Rosa Serra, sculptor

Rosa Serra‘s sports sculptures, well-known for her Olympic work (Seoul, Barcelona), are praised by critics for having force and motion.

Over the years she simplified the forms of her figures who now show a certain allegoric abstraction. Like ‘Plougense’, to be found at the Club Natació Banyoles (Swimming Club of Banyoles) honouring the club’s many volunteers.

Her Olympic work can be admired at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (Switzerland). She also made a statue of Tiger Woods in Oregon commissioned by Nike.

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