The women of Cinta Sabaté

‘They are vigorous women. I think we cannot do without women’s strength. (…) I want to prove that for many years it has not been made good use of.’

Sculptor and painter Cinta Sabaté was born in Tortosa, Cultural Capital of Catalonia 2021.

You can find more of her work in the catalogue of her exposition titled ‘Mystery of form. Pure line. The silent trajectory of Cinta Sabaté’.

Quotation from, 25 June 2015.

Painter Mireia Mateo on Instagram

The way artists get into contact with their public is changing. There are a lot of painters of your generation and even younger who use Instagram as a platform. How do you live this transformation?

Like torture. I would like to spend the whole day in my studio without having to explain myself, without doing anything that is strange to my small world, but we live in the now and we just have to be part of this absurdity. One sees oneself obliged to enter in these networks and I feel very reluctant to do so.

Source: Ada Castells interviews Mireia Mateo in the digital cultural magazine Catorze. For more information about the painter, click here.

Poetic Universe (charcoal, pencil, sanguine, Japanese paper)

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