‘Catalonia in Venice’

Architect Olga Subirós is the curator of the exhibiton Catalonia in Venice – air/aria/aire, a Collateral Event of the Biennale Architettura 2021, that is held from May 22 to November 21, 2021.

‘The project reflects upon the central theme of the Biennale, How will we live together?, with an investigation into air as a common asset upon which our survival depends, as pollution as ‘the invisible killer’.

Olga Subirós, who also designed the architecture of the exhibition space, offers a large-format, immersive experience that brings visitors closer to three aspects of air pollution (…).’

You will find more information, some of it rather shocking, as well as illustrations (‘Cartographic Evidence’) on the website air / aria / aire.

Source and photo: Institut Ramon Llull, organizer and producer of the Catalan exhibition.

Sant Jordi coming up!

Another two weeks and it is 23 April: Sant Jordi, and nowadays also World Book Day. So the perfect occasion to visit your local bookshop and buy or order some books and surprise your loved one (or yourself, of course) with works written by Catalan women poets and novelists.

If you do not master (sufficiently) the language, you can browse the catalogue of literary translations from Catalan into other languages on TRAC, the database of the Institut Ramon Llull, or ask your bookseller. Here are some suggestions.

In case you like to read fiction, look for

  • Caterina Albert who wrote under the penname of Victor Català (Solitud)
  • Maria Barbal (Pedra de tartera, País íntim)
  • Carme Riera (Dins el darrer blau, La meitat de l’ànima)
  • Mercè Rodoreda (La Plaça del Diamant, El carrer de les Camèlies, Jardí vora el mar, Mirall trencat)
  • Montserrat Roig (Ramona, adéu, El temps de les cireres, La veu melodiosa)

or novels by a new generation of writers:

For poetry ideas:

The tradition of Sant Jordi

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