World Theatre Day: Margarita Xirgu (1888-1969)

The theatre was her life, so she kept on acting even when she was forced into exile during Franco’s dictatorship. She was popular in Spain as well as in South-America.

For a glimpse of her performances watch this video of Bodas de sangre de Federico García Lorca, a film version of the play directed by Edmundo Guibourg, that was first screened in Argentina in 1938.

What Conxita Badia meant for a composer

For Conxita, who guesses what the musician has thought and even what he has not thought.

Juan José Castro, Argentine composer, dedicated to Conxita Badia the songs Romance de la luna, luna and La casada infiel from the Romancero gitano by Federico García Lorca that he had set to music.

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