Flowers and Maria Cobarsí

Last year the flower exhibition ‘Girona Temps de flors’ (‘Girona Flower Season’) was cancelled, but this time the show is on from 8 to 16 May! You can read all about it on the website (click here), where you can find out details about its history, old and new photos and the latest news.

This show began in 1954 with a small, informal display organized by a group of friends. Over the years it has developed into an event that has been recognized all over the world, for example by the prestigious magazine National Geographic.

One of the driving forces behind it was Maria Cobarsí (d. 2013). She grew up on a farm, surrounded by nature. In an interview she once confessed that she intensely lived every season, especially spring. Each year she marveled when the flowers appeared and she smelled their aroma.

Years later this experience leads her to take the initiative for an exhibition that would turn into one of the jewels on Girona’s crown.

Edition 2021

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