Struggle for women’s vote in Catalonia

The feminist movement in 19th century Catalonia and Spain was strongly linked to the suffrage movements in the Anglosaxon countries.

In these movements two currents can be discerned: the moderate one which thought the vote would end inequality between the sexes, and the more radical one which not only wanted the vote, but also demanded changes within the family, work, sexuality, etc. considering the vote necessary but not enough.

In Spain the feminist movement started in the spirit of the moderate version due to the cultural importance of ideologies concerning roles within the family and the importance of the Church. Therefore at the beginning of the first half of the 20th century Catalan middle class figures were more linked to social catholicism than to feminism.

Two of the principal actors were author and promotor of better working conditions for women Dolors Monserdà (1845-1919) and educator and promotor of female education Francesca Bonnemaison (1872-1949).

What happened next

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