‘Learning to Talk to Plants’

Marta Orriols doesn’t talk to plants, and neither does Paula, the main character of the widely acclaimed novel that turned Orriols into a household name in contemporary Catalan literature. 

Published in 2018, Aprendre a parlar amb les plantes (translated as Learning to Talk to Plants) tells the story of unexpected loss and how a 40-year-old neonatologist must cope with grief while navigating through bustling Barcelona life. 

“She must learn to do what plants do in real life, to set roots, go to the light, and open up to other people,” Orriols said in an interview with Catalan News.”

For the rest of the article in which she talks about book clubs, Barcelona and translations of Catalan literature and more, click here.

Photo of Marta Orriols by Carola Melguizo. The translation of the novel is by Mara Faye Lethem.

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