Mariona Berenguer in Berlin

This year artist Mariona Berenguer has been invited as Berlin’s GlogauAIR’s guest resident. Her project bears the title The Empty Nest and “is part of an ongoing investigation into the subject of desire.

Following this continuing line of development, the exhibition is comprised of a series of works that explore the notions of need and longing, and the complex emotional, philosophical, and conceptual positions surrounding these topics.”

The residence program aims to “create a dialogue between Berlin and the world, the Berlin Guest Residents share their perspectives and their work while they engage in the process of exploration, creation, and exhibition over the period of three months.” They also organize open events during which the public can see for itself the result of the program.

On GlogauAIR’s website you can find more information and photos of her work. Founded in 2006 by the artist Chema Alvargonzalez and supported today by La Memoria Artística Chema Alvargonzalez, GlogauAIR is a non-profit art space and residency in a historic building in Kreuzberg open to new ideas.

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