Art and NATO

Photo: ACN

Last Friday visual artist Bea Sarriàs finished the painting of a mural in the corridors of the new NATO Headquarters, a complex in Haren that is part of the City of Brussels (Belgium). This feat is quite unique for an institute whose daily affairs seem light-years away from art.

According to Bea, the imposing structure of metall and glass is ‘a very cold space, very big, a bit dark.’ As she wanted to capture the soul of the building, she used acrylic painting in multiple layers in order to ‘catch its light and transparency’.

In former projects, especially portraying specific architectonic spaces  like her portraits of lived in houses, critics have praised her careful handling of perspective, light, color and a clean brushwork. These elements are clearly present in this wall painting.

At the end of February Bea started working on this project making the first sketches in a studio in the Belgian capital. Later she continued working in situ on this enormous piece of art  which made her change her use of colours.


The assignment proceeded from the Art Committe of NATO that had seen Bea’s work a year earlier during an exhibition which took place at the same time as the inauguration of the new political and administrative headquarters of the Alliance.

For more examples of her work, click here.

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