The exhibition inVisibles aims to show and evaluate the role of women in Ripoll’s society at the end of the 19C and the beginning of the 20C.

Women were the cornerstone of family and social structures, a silenced role that was not always recognized. This is what the exhibition wants to demonstrate through the pictures of those days.

Museu Etnogràfic de Ripoll, Plaça de l’Abat Oliba s/n, Ripoll. Till 7 November.

The exhibition Interseccions is a dialogue between the photographers Pilar Aymerich (1943) and Manel Armengol (1949).

Forty photographs, taken by Aymerich and Armengol in the tumultuous nineteen-seventies, show they were in the same place at the same time, documenting the same events and even sometimes choosing the same protagonists for their photographs.

Years later connections between the photographs have been made creating a dialogue between the two characters who fought for a freer, less restricted country.

Info: Museu Palau Solterra, Torroella de Montgrí (Baix Empordà). Till 21 November.

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