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Currently the Design Museum (Museu del Disseny) presents an exhibition dedicated to the first women jewellers that worked in Catalonia in the second half of the 20C.

For the first time it reveals the link between the renovation of jewelry from the 1960s onwards and the emergence of a series of women jewellers that considerably contributed to this phenomen. With art (unique pieces) and design (small and medium-sized series) the creations of these women were of the utmost importance.

After all, they were very well acquainted with the transformation of their trade on an international scale, especially in Germany. At the same time, they applied new materials, new techniques and new forms, on their own as well as a group.  

You can admire the work of the following pioneers: Ninon Collet and Mariona Lluch, Marta Breis, Teresa Capella, Teresa Casanovas, Anna Font, Montserrat Guardiola, Margarita Kirchner, Ángeles López-Antei, Núria Matabosch, Chelo Sastre and Carmen Zulueta.

Museu del Disseny de Barcelona, Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38. Till 28 November.

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