Honoring Dolors Sala as the origin of Freixenet, her successors created Cuvée D.S., a cava nature reserve that bears her initials. It is made from grapes of vineyards from the Pla del Penedès and Mediona, Dolors’ favorites.

freixenet_ds-800x1670In line with her high standards, it is produced from the best harvests following a scrupulous production process. According to Freixenet, ‘A classic of classics, a well-aged cava, both a Gran Reserva and Brut, with a dosage containing 4 g/l of sugar and wine previously aged in chestnut barrels.’

In the newer part of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia an alleyway is named after Dolors, the ‘Passatge de Dolors Sala’. The inhabitants of the passageway were all employees of Freixenet and in this way wanted to honor her memory.

In case you are interested in the company, Freixenet offers public tours through the winery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. The visitor is guided around the underground cellars and the bottling plant and afterwards can taste some sparkling wines.

The Freixenet Christmas commercials in which a celebrity is invited to star in the 2-minutes spot on television, are famous.

One of the company’s most sentimental projects was the recovery of the Freixeneda de Mediona country estate, which gave its name to the brand. This 8th century property has been rebuilt, beam by beam, and has been in the family for 19 generations; it is now being adapted to cater to wine tourism.