Sadly the Spanish Civil War cuts short the happy family life of Dolors and Pere as well as the development of the company of sparkling wines. In 1936, at the beginning of the war, Dolors’ husband is shot by an anarchist faction and Joan, their eldest son, also disappears. The hostilities destroy great part of the business of senyor Pere and senyora Dolors, as they were called by their employees.

So after the Civil War followed by WWII, Dolors finds herself alone to educate their four children and run a company almost in ruins. At the same time, circumstances are not favorable, as credit policies of the financial sector prove to be not very liberal and the demand has fallen markedly in those first years of reconstruction, as cava is considered to be a luxury product.

sin-tc3adtulo3Nevertheless, Dolors dedicates herself with heart and soul to the concern and with the help of her daughter Pilar she succeeds in rebuilding the firm of which she is president till her death turning Freixenet into one of the world’s top companies in the sector of quality sparkling wines it is today.