Right from the start Dolors and Pere are a winning team. He is the commercial genius who designs new marketing strategies and travels all over the world to sell their products.

His success in this field is greatly due to Dolors who not only manages the technical part of the production process of their wines, but also has highly developed tasting skills helping her to produce great new cava‘s. As a wine expert avant la lettre she knows how to obtain the best assemblages, and especially those of the brut type.

In 1930 she is the first cavista to put on the market a Catalan brut reserva, the Brut Vintage. It is the beginning of a quickly expanding business in cava bearing the brandname Freixenet Casa Sala.


Dolors Sala makes a longterm planning for the development of the company providing a solid basis for the production of her wines. She leads the company with a firm yet gentle hand; inspired by her Christian beliefs, she aims at excellency in her work.

Dolors strives to offer products with a constant quality and soon their excellent reputation is growing in Latin-America and the emerging markets of that moment; in 1935 her cava was already known in New Jersey, U.S.A.

Then the Spanish Civil War breaks out…