Over the years Conxita Badia and Enric Granados stay in close contact, for him she is almost like a daughter. He accompanies her on the piano during her concerts all over Spain, where Conxita also interprets his songs, like the Canciones Amatorias, two of which he dedicates to her, and the Tonadillas. She is his ‘vocal instrument’ and each time he wants her to sing his songs he sends her the message Vine tu i les cançons (Come, you and your songs).

Enric Granados

Their close cooperation comes to an abrupt end in 1916 when Granados and his wife are drowned; returning from a tour through the U.S. on board the SS Sussex, the ferry is torpedoed by a German U-boat on its way across the English Channel. News of his disappearance shocked the cultural and musical world, not only in Barcelona and Catalonia, but also around the globe.

Conxita is devastated. Composers and musicians at home and abroad consider her to be his heir, like the pianist Alícia de Larrocha who writes: ‘You are the nearest that remains of our Granados’. His music becomes a regular feature of her repertoire; fifty years later she is the protagonist of a concert in the composer’s honour in the Hotel Manila (Barcelona), together with other artists, like Yehudi Menuhin.