Conxita is born in Barcelona on 14 November 1897 in a middle class family. From an early age she gets singing lessons from a local teacher who is the first to recognize her talent. Soon he recommends her parents to take her to the Acadèmia Granados where she meets the pianist and composer Enrique Granados who is immediately impressed when he hears the 7-year old girl singing during her solfège classes. 

Only four years later she is giving concerts, already a great lied singer. Although Conxita also turns out to be an accomplished piano player, Granados recommends her to dedicate herself to vocal music.

When she is 16 years old, representatives of the Wagner Association are enchanted by her interpretation of Solveig’s Song by Edvard Grieg. They invite her to play the role of flower maiden at the premiere in the Palau de la Música Catalana of the concert version of Wagner’s Parsifal. Her father thinks she is too young, but the president of the Association asks him: ‘Is she not exactly that, a maiden and a flower?’ In the end Conxita’s father gives in and so her professional debut takes place in 1913 in the iconic concert hall singing in an opera commemorating the centenary of the composer’s birth.

And Granados, is Conxita still in touch with him?

Conxita Badia when she is 16 years old