Photo taken in 1934

So what did I learn from the documentary about Conxita Badia? In the interviews experts and people who have known her explain that she was the perfect lied singer and an inspiration for many composers and musicians. In fact, quite a number of them seems to owe their fame to her.

Apart from her beautiful soprano voice, Conxita Badia knew how to communicate to the public the action and emotion of the poem set to music. Her sense of timing, rhythm, interval and phrasing was flawless, while her facial expression and body language supported its meaning. Critics especially praised her diction stressing the clear and accurate presentation of each and every line.

According to the film, in her time the vocalist was famous and performed in the best concert halls in Europe and North and South America. This means that many people around the world must have heard her sing. Yet she hardly left any trace.

The documentary was interesting, but it supposed the viewer had a fair amount of cultural and historical knowledge about Catalonia. So I have decided to delve into online documents and reference books to try and piece together the life and career of Conxita Badia. Would you like to accompany me in this quest?