A couple of days ago I read the review of documentary that got me curious. Its title was enticing: Conxita Badia no existeix (Conxita Badia does not exist). The name did ring a bell, but was I remembering someone who did not exist?

Conxita Badia in Argentina (1939)

It turned out to be a film about the soprano Conxita Badia (1897-1975) made by her great-granddaughter Eulàlia Domènech. She had found out that very few audios and no videos of Badia’s performances have been preserved. This lack of remnants gave her the feeling that she had to inform the general public about her talented relative who was once universally recognized as an accomplished lied singer.

As the documentary is completely in Catalan, its information will probably only be accessible to a small number of you (Google Translate does not do a very good job here). Therefore I would like to tell you more about its contents in the next episode.

All the photos of Conxita Badia are published by courtesy of Eulàlia Domènech i Bonet.